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It Feels Like Nothing Else

Your eye will first be drawn to its exceptional high-quality surface. Durable good looks are a key factor in choosing a Rado, so count on this pleasure to last a long time. Hypoallergenic comfort, lightness and the very special sensation of ceramic against your skin – unmistakable, sensual and unique with Rado high-tech ceramic.

Beautiful Creation

Creating something this beautiful, in ceramic, requires a huge amount of know-how and patience. Achieving the exact right colour, creating the precise tactile quality, shaping the final object into that special timepiece that takes one's breath away, is measured in years of applied expertise.

True Ceramic Pioneers

Rado scientists have been exploring ceramic for over 35 years. This cumulated know-how and experience is visible in all their high-tech ceramic products, in particular their unique monobloc cases and highly original high-tech ceramic bracelets, in a number of models.

Modern Alchemy

Special treatment for a special substance... High-tech ceramic goes through a number of transformative treatments, to take it from organic powder to complex product with unique visual and tactile properties. Qualities such as colour, shade or brilliance can be further fine-tuned, thanks to Rado's own, unique plasma high-tech ceramic process.

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